Welcome to my Blogging Journey!

Welcome to my little piece of the web!  I’m Kelly Renander – wife, mommy, entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger, wellness advocate, and esthetician as well as lover of good travel, good food, good wine, and good friends!

This is my first blog post ever, so forgive me if I completely underwhelm expectations!  It is all up from here, right? 

My desires in life are probably a lot like yours – to help my family lead successful, happy, and healthy lives.   Helping my family and yours succeed is what fuels me and allows me to push through good times and bad.  I created my business with that in mind. 

I want to help educate, motivate, heal, and inspire all while providing a “lounge” like atmosphere – relaxing, comfortable, and at ease! 

The aim of my blog is to provide value to you and your family.  I strongly feel that iron sharpens iron, so we all can help each other to navigate this crazy thing called life!  Ultimately my goal is to provide advice, consultation, and direction to you and your family and help elevate you’re lifestyle!  That may be through treating Health and Skin issues, achieving certain Health or Wellness goals, or even providing an amazing opportunity to join our team and start your own business.  Please join our mailing list and follow this blog for regular articles on Lifestyle – such as Health, Skin, Business, Family, Healing, Fitness, and Diet.

I got my start many years ago working at high-end luxury spa’s – doing facials, waxing, and peels.  Skin Care was always fascinating to me.  Skin is our body’s biggest organ, and therefore it should be something we care for greatly. But working at a spa and only providing skin care treatments did not cut it for me.

So I went into my own practice.  Why?  I wanted to make more of an impact on my clients and provide customized care.  The market is saturated with too many options and false advertising that leaves people confused and skin care and other health issues unresolved.  In my own practice, I can model my business around my clients.  Most skin issues are not topical, but rather are a reflection of some other underlying issue.  Healthy skin is oftentimes a result of a healthy lifestyle.  I have realized in order to provide holistic care for you and your family I had to provide products and services designed to treat all types of health issues. 

That is why I have now integrated the use of Essential Oils into my practice and now educate people on the health benefits of oils and natural living. Essential Oils from DoTerra have allowed me to take a proactive approach to my health and my family’s health.  Our current health care system is out of whack, and does not always provide the best solutions for our families.  Having a natural solution in your home allows you to find the cause of what may be out of balance in your life both physically and emotionally.

With Essential Oils, you can consider the body as a whole and treat a problem not just a symptom.  Oils are versatile, and most importantly are at your fingertips and customizable for treatment to each person. 

There are many misconceptions about Essential Oils, and oftentimes a lack of proper use.  We can work together to get the most optimal impact for these natural solutions for you and your family.  I have seen firsthand the effects DoTerra Essential Oils have had on my personal health, such as back pain, anxiety, energy, and sleep. I am sure none of you experience any issues with those things, right!  Stay tuned to a future blog post of this.

Thank you for joining me on my journey!