Skin and

Brow                   $20               Lip                $12                Chin                $10
Underarm        $18                Bikini           $35                Chest              $30
1/2 Leg               $35               Full Leg       $55                1/2 Arm         $18
Full Arm           $35              Back              $30                Sides of Face$12               
(Women only)            $50


Brow Tinting                          $18
Lash Tinting                           $20

On the Go Facial                        35 Minutes                                        $38              
When you don't have time for a full hour treatment.
But still need some relaxation and specific needs
treated this facial is for you.

Customized Facial                    60 Minutes                                         $63                 
Specialized facial is everything you come to expect from a
facial, but is customized to suit your particular needs.

Back Facial                                 50 Minutes                                         $55
This treatment is a facial for your back.  If your back is feeling dry
or is having breakouts or its just time for some needed relaxation.  
This ones for you!

Peel                                               20 Minutes                                        $35
A specific peel will be chosen for your skincare needs.  The treatment
will include cleansing, a peel and a suitable mask specialized for your skin

*Cancellation Policy
If you are going to be unable to make your appointment or need
to reschedule please give us 24 hour notice.
Thank you for your consideration.