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My DoTerra business has empowered me to be financially independent, have more time for
my family, and be my own boss.  O
ils have supported my lifestyle change into holistic and
natural living.  O
ils have provided untold benefits for my families health and I.  Oils have
eliminated many of the toxic chemicals in our lives and allowed us to be proactive to our
health care needs.  

Whether full time or part time, having your own Essential Oil business can help you
to fulfill
personal and financial goals in your life.  Please contact me for more information on how to
join our team.  W
e work together to help you build your business.

                                                                                      -  Kelly Renander
Skin and Body Lounge, LLC  |  Founder: Kelly Renander  |  720-301-7398  |
Skin and Body Lounge, LLC  |  Founder: Kelly Renander  |  720-301-7398  |