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A Health and Wellness
hangout spot!
Welcome to Skin and Body Lounge!!  I appreciate your patience as I re-design my site.

Coming soon you will see posts on Health, Wellness, & Skin with an aim to help you achieve
your best results.  We all should be focused on living an elevated lifestyle, and that begins
with taking care of your #1 assets - your mind and health!  

I am a Health and Wellness Coach, and I strive to make this site a "Lounge" like community.  
Thanks for sticking with me through my journey while I help you with yours.
As founder of Skin and Body Lounge, I am passionate about healthy skin.  
However, healthy skin is oftentimes a result of a healthy lifestyle.  When
you come in for a treatment or consult, we will discuss both.  My #1 focus
is to ensure we get results. As a licensed Esthetician with over 20 years of
experience, as well as a Wellness Coach for Essential Oils, I provide a
holistic approach to Skin Care.  We will customize treatment to you, all
while striving to provide a relaxing and refreshing "Lounge" like
                                                                                    - Kelly Renander
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Current 1st time client specials:
- $45 Specialized Facial
- $35 Brazilian Wax
- FREE Health & Wellness Consult
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